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maiPALVO: Latest Surface Finish

maiPalvo is the latest choice in our collection of surface finish. Celebrated for its distinctive powdery touch, it promises easy clean and near-zero maintenance on the few selected maiWoodgrain and maiSolid Colour patterns.

maiPalvo is especially handy when it comes to maintenance. Touted for easy clean, grease and fingerprints can be easily wiped away with a piece of damp cloth. It is a great help for homeowners because of the fuss free maintenance, freeing up cleaning chores for more quality family time. It is also a cost saving surface laminate for commercial or retail sectors as maintenance work is brought to the very minimal.


  • Horizontal and vertical applications.

  • Residential and commercial use.

  • Food & beverage outlets.

  • Sports related facilities.

Check it out: https://maica.com.my/maiproduct/8/mailaminate/maipalvo-new?sub=21