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Bi-Weekly Antigen Test

Ever since we resumed business on 27 Sept 2021, workers are required to do antigen test every two weeks as part of measures to ensure public health at Maica Lunas.

The first antigen test on 27 Sept 2021 for Maica's office workers was an unnerving one. It was perhaps the first time for many of us to do the test and we were unsure whether we should use sputum or nasal swab samples. Given the level of discomfort with nasal swab, it is believed that many preferred to do it with sputum. More so, the detailed instruction in fine print that comes with the test kit did make us a little more nervous.

We were asked to do the test in the car or at bike park for bikers. With a negative test outcome, we were allowed to do a facial-recognition scan in. Yet, the process was not done until we submitted another 3 forms on smartphone. They are 1) maiEmployee Form, 2) Reporting of Self Covid Test, and 3) COVID-19 Self Test on MySejahtera. With these done, entry was then allowed. It was like scoring a goal on the pitch!

No wonder for most of us, it was a morning well-remembered after business resumption at Maica Lunas.

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