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Celebrating the mai50th Golden Anniversary

Maica Laminates is ‘Where Imagination Comes to Life’.

maiFactory started its operation in 1968. Its beginning remains a miracle, where its founder, the late Mr. Lim Hian Yu, was bestowed an opportunity to cooperate with a Japanese manufacturer of high pressure laminates, Aica Kogyo. Since then, Maica Laminates becomes the first factory in Malaysia that manufactures high pressure laminates. More so, it is a pioneer in the Mak Mandin Industrial Estate, one of the first few industrial estates in Malaysia.

Fast forward to 2018, Maica Laminates has just celebrated its mai50th Golden Anniversary on the 29th September. The helm of the management has been passed from the late Mr Lim Hian Yu to his son, Dato’ Lim Yak Hua, and now, his grandson, Mr Lim Kia Kee. Looking back, it has been a challenging yet rewarding 5-decades. Yet, Maica Laminates has grown from strength to strength, having established another plant in Lunas in 1998, in spite of the 1997 Asia Financial Crisis. Beyond all odds, it has continued to thrive with the growing worldwide demand.

Remarkably, Maica now boasts a wide product range, namely, maiLaminates, maiCompact, maiConcept, maiTop, maiLabChem and mai LabBio. Furthermore, it has further expanded its international market, exporting its products to Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and an increasing number of countries in the South East Asia region.

Behind this tremendous success, the hard work of maimai, the support of customers, business associates, shareholders and the regulatory bodies are instrumental. The management of Maica appreciates each of their contribution and owes them immeasurable gratitude.

On the night of the mai50th Golden Anniversary, the management team and the staff let their hair down, and thoroughly enjoyed the fruit of their hard work at the Setia SPICE Convention Centre. It was such a pleasure to witness the momentous occasion celebrated by many maimai who passionately showcased their talents in singing and dancing. They certainly captivated the hearts of many, once again demonstrating the spirit of ‘Where Imagination Comes to Life’, as they put in their heart and soul into making the mai50th Golden Anniversary a lifetime memory.

Maica Laminates sincerely looks forward to a future that seeks not only to meet the expectation of its customers and stakeholders, but to lead them into a more visionary future that is characterized by sustainable living patterns and lifestyles.