maiAnti-Finger Print

Maica has two types of maiAnti-Finger Print technology. The first is an adopted technology, while the second is Maica's specially selected technology.


The EBC technology is an adopted technology, using the electron beam curing technology similar to our chemical resistant product. The EBC technology has other advantages, resulting in remarkablel product properties such as anti-finger print, high scuff resistance (up until 4N) and the characteristics of visual "recovery".

This technology is employed in our maiInvisible-T product. The EBC technology allowed the use fo plain water and a piece of cloth to clean off the finger prints generated from sweat, grease and grime. Water and cloth will also clean off any oil on the surface caused by food, cosmetics or machines. Hence, carpenters and fabricators need not worry about the cleaning of the black laminate surface right before handover of the projects. Meanwhile, owners will do only minimal maintenance with water and cloth, especially when ther are a lot of little children running around with oily fingers after a fulfilling meal.

The maiInvisible-T product will also allow a visual "recovery" of the product surface if there is any light scuffing lines via wet-heat treatment. The logic behind this recovery is the triggering of the molecules to move together and redistribute themselves with heat to close the gap created by the scuffing lines, hence closing the lines which makes the lines "disappear". This is done by dripping some water on the scuffed spot, place a piece of cloth on the surface and then putting a hot surface such as iron or a pot of hot water on the cloth, for approximately 30 seconds. After that, remove the hot item and the piece of cloth. Once the water evaporates from the surface, the scuff lines will no longer be visible.


Maica's very own maiModesty Anti-Finger Print product is a product similar to the EBC Technology maiInvisible-T, minus the visual "recovery" properties. However, compared to the EN438 requirements for abrasion, it can withstand more than 2x the wear resistance requirements of this international standard. Being highly wear resistant, maiModesty becomes a new favorite for heavy duty usage with the easiest maintenance for end users.

maiModesty can be applied to any designs, whether solid or woodgrain. It carries Maica's standard of anti-microbial in its products, hence there is every possibility of using this product in high risk and traffic areas such as hospitals and children facilities.

Advantages of Applications:

Hospitals, clinics, kitchen, F&B outlets, nursing homes, healthcare centres, nursery and kindergarten, industrial and commercial furniture, homes with little children and elderly.