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Who is maimai?

Back in year 2011, a designer in Maica Laminates decided to create a mascot that would soon bring some sparkle to the serious building and construction industry. However, a mascot will only be so much as a “mascot” if it is considered as a mascot. Hence, when the cherubic mascot was born in the afternoon of 11 January 2011, the team gave it a bigger role, as the maiAmbassador for the company. We called it, “maimai”.

The name is a combination of “M” which stands for “Mother” and “Ai” which means love in the Chinese and Japanese language. From that point onwards, maimai was given the task of being the voice of Maica, bringing forth the company’s subtle messages of care for the environment, for people and in general, beings, both animate and inanimate. The maiAmbassador carries a positive mindset, and is loved by staff members for its energy and passion.

Soon, all staff members are regarded as maimai in the company. Whenever you visit the company’s Facebook profile (yes, it is not a page, it is a profile), you will be greeted by maimai, and not by any other staff members of the company. maimai will also be the one answering to general email inquiries sent to kringkring@maica.com.my, and maimai will also be the one to delegate the requests to other colleagues depending on the nature and location of the inquiries.

Sometimes, some people will want to know who is this person behind “maimai”. Is it one person or are there many people? Well, sometimes there is only one, but at other times, it may be many. At this moment, nobody can really pinpoint who it is and it shall remain a company secret for many years to come.

Ultimately, the person behind maimai is not going to be important. The most important thing is for maimai to be able to bring happiness and help people to solve their problems. Whether it is one maimai or many maimai, it really does not matter. maiAmbassador maimai will always deliver the best possible within its ability to you.