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Wow! maiIntranet is up and running...

With more and more investment in IT infrastructure, Maica has now owned its first company intranet, 'maiIntranet'. This is a platform where work-related knowledge, tips for health, fitness and lifestyle, as well as coping strategies during pandemic are shared with all the maimai (the employees of Maica).

The homepage of maiIntranet:

On it, the banner of maiRenaissance - the theme for Maica for Year 2021. It signifies a new beginning with a new mindset as we are now learning to work and juggle with the demand of life while battling with the pandemic at the same time. Hence, the old modus operandi might not be completely relevant in today's world. Instead, a lot more of IT reliance is the order of the day.

As one scrolls down maiIntranet, there are 6 key buttons leading readers to learn more about maiLearning (maiProduct knowledge), maiDepartment Updates, maiEnvironment, Health and Safety, maiHappenings, maiFun Club and maiCSR. We have purposely curated 'maiGossip Corner' to feature the most sensational news within Maica and in the society or the world we live in to whet our gossip appetite during the mundane work days, hoping to add a little spice to life.

For maiFun Club in particular, interesting but unexpected culinary news such as making cinnamon rolls with frozen roti canai (aka roti paratha), and a USD6,000 burger (that expensive) are posted. Surely, they would trigger reading interest.

Not forgetting maiEtiquette - a corner that provides tips to developing socially desirable manners and practices so that we can keep good demeanor that can be passed on to generations after. Together with it, an English learning platform is curated. Through it, we hope to learn some simple English grammar and rules together. Hence, we plan to do it through the simple fortnightly English quizzes.

We hope that maiIntranet would make work and life fun and full of learning. Of course, we are also open to suggestions how to make it even better.

This is certainly another historic milestone for Maica.