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The Winner of maiCNY Deco 2021 Goes to…

Shortly after all 4 participating groups from Maica Laminates (ML) and Maica Corporation (MC) put up the maiCNY decorations by the 3rd week of January 2021, the Movement Control Order (MCO) 2.0 was declared in Kedah state beginning from 22 January 2021. It was then followed by extensions and subsequently Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO). As a result, most of us who are based in Lunas were requested to work from home as there was a 30% headcount imposed on the management and administrative workforce.

Having been trained well by MCO 1.0, we carried out virtual work life seamlessly. Despite us working from home, we produced videos for the decorations that each participating group put up. Survey forms were sent out to all staff at ML and MC to rate the 4 spectacular Chinese New Year decorations based on the videos. With the survey period running for a week before the week-long Chinese New Year break, we managed to gather the survey result to identify the Sole Winner of maiCNY Deco 2021.

May we proudly announce and present to you Group 1 from ML as the Winner for putting up a grandiose CNY decoration:

Good news is that each of the Group 1 members will get one quart of Baskin Robbin Ice Cream with either Jamoca Almond Fudge or World Class Chocolate flavour after we return to work in full force on 5th April 2021. A huge congratulation to our colleagues in Group 1!

This is indeed an unprecedented and very meaningful activity in Maica as colleagues from different departments have come together to work on projects. Admittedly, we have all gotten to know one another from different departments under the same roof better.