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The Maiden Production of maiChinese New Year MV 2021 (A Parody of 'Shang Hai Tan 上海滩')

When Ms Vivian Chin, our Executive Director, threw in the project, we who are in Marcom and Design wandered and wondered much. It was a path unchartered, unthreaded and unknown, certainly.

And, it is absolutely the first of its kind in Maica’s journey of venturing into the world of multimedia.

With much trepidation, we took on the challenge without uttering any negative. Really, it is hard to come by this sort of unwavering spirit. Perhaps, we owe it to the long-serving colleagues who are well trained for doing unprecedented things. Together with Ms Vivian, they deserve our respect and honour for feat after feat of successes.

After an excruciating period of conceptualising, planning, writing storyboards, soliciting our colleagues to become ‘actors and actresses’ (though some were unwilling in the beginning but they are believed to have enjoyed it'), and eventually, shooting (cum drone shooting), and final production followed by editing, may we humbly present to you the maiden in-house production for maiChinese New Year MV 2021 (A parody of ‘Shang Hai Tan 上海滩’).

Without you who have contributed in any kind of measure, this would not have come into reality. Indeed, Maica is where imagination comes to life.

Without you, without all.

Thank you for your contribution. Here you go...it is a very interesting production! Enjoy...