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Exceptionally meaningful maiCNY Deco 2021 (八方云聚,八仙过海,各显神通)

maiChristmas Rocks has shifted our paradigms in what we can do out of mundane work life. More so, during Conditional/Recovery Movement Control Order (CMCO/RMCO) and now, Movement Control Order 2.0.

Having been exposed to maiChristmas Rocks project where we made Christmas trees and snowmen from used and recycled materials, the challenge for maiCNY Deco 2021 has become so manageable since there is no restriction to the materials that we are allowed to use.

Yet, it is observed that the 4 participating groups of staff remained very adamant in largely applying recycled materials in coming up with their creative CNY decorations. In itself, it is a remarkable milestone because ‘Green Economy’ is ingrained in us who belong to Maica thus cultivating a culture and mindset of contributing to the cause of environmental sustainability.

After a 2-week of conceptualisation, preparation and installation, we are very delighted to witness the talents and skills showcased by our colleagues in the CNY decorations that are presented below. This exactly reflects the Mandarin phrase of ‘八方云聚,八仙过海,各显神通’.

We are in the midst of conducting survey to identify the sole Grand Prize Winner. We are as anxious as you are. Meanwhile, stay tuned. Hopefully, by 16th February 2021.

Group 1 - 八仙显神通, 佑助爱美家 (The Eight Immortals Show their Magical Power to Bless Maica)

Group 2- mai富足2021(maiProsperity 2021)

Group 3- mai 牛 Year (maiYear of Ox)

Group 4- 八方云集爱美家, 各显神通闯天下 ( The Earth's Powers Congregate to build Maica's Empire)

Happy Chinese New Year 2021. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Stay safe and healthy.



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