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maiHistoric Office Relocation

Great minds discuss ideas.

(You may google what goes with it.)

This is the prologue to the historic office relocation from Mak Mandin, Penang to Lunas, Kedah, to pursue Maica's dream.

At its core, Maica Laminates has always been on the quest to transform itself to serve the wider business community, be it domestic or international, to the best of its ability in order to deliver high customer satisfaction. Maica aspires to bring to the market the ecologically-friendly products that improve the quality of life of the users, as well as to foster sustainable business relations with its stakeholders.

To achieve this, it requires not only a highly responsive supply chain system to efficiently bring maiProducts to the market, but also an eco-system of managers, supervisors, workers, business partners, associates, and customers who subscribe to the belief.

As Maica's dream is conceived to fulfill a greater future, years of planning and careful consideration of various organisational and infrastructural requirements have been put in place for it. The acquisition of the land in Lunas in the 1990s, organisational engineering and reengineering, investments in IT, machinery and equipment, as well as talent management, are parts of the whole yet not all.

On the fateful day of 9 October 2020, we, maimai, embarked on a historic move relocating our administration office from Mak Mandin, Penang, to Lunas, Kedah. We are the old wine but with the new wineskins, ready to move in tandem with the acceleration of Maica in this progressive move though in an unchartered era confronted with the uncertainties of Covid-19 pandemic.

Yet, we believe that we will certainly accomplish something greater in this collective move.