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The 'hangover' from the maiPOP QUIZZES is truly felt.

We heard feedbacks such as 'Let's have it weekly!', 'It's fun!', 'It's nerve-wracking!', 'Oh, I never know this...!', 'I have learnt something!', 'We need fun like this at work!', and the list goes on and on.

Really, we hanker for positive vibes, fun, joy, good news and excitements at work and in life when the shadow of COVID-19 has yet to show any sign of complete dissipation.

It is a blessing that the Management of Maica is aware of it. A box of mooncakes as the prize for the only winner of maiMID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL quiz is enough to cause a stir during an after-work moment, where some colleagues found joy in simply gluing to the screen to answer 10 quiz questions that are related to Mid-Autumn Festival. But, the rule or the catch is that the winner has to get all of the tough questions right in just 5-min time. Perhaps, it was quite impossible.

Yet, there is a surprise! A very humble colleague has emerged to be the talk of the plant. He has defeated the goliath and walked away with the box of mooncakes. That leaves many bewildered how did he do such a 'maverick' act - he got all questions right within the shortest time! We are proud of him!

So, we got the beaming Mr Ng Han Lung to have a photo session with our Executive Director, Ms Vivian Chin, this morning.

Honestly, it takes a season like this where movement is restricted to (re)discover joy in life can at times be so simple and easy. Another lesson learnt is that don't judge a book by its cover.

Enough said, wishing all of our colleagues and their families a very Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. If at all, we would certainly remember the Maica's Mid-Autumn Festival 2020, more for the festival and the quiz, less for COVID-19.