In the run-up to Malaysia Day on 16 Sept 2020, weekly maiPOP QUIZZES were virtually organised in the first 3 weeks of September. All maimai at Mak Mandin and Lunas were given opportunity to walk away with KFC vouchers.

3 winners were selected weekly based on those who scored the highest marks within the shortest time. What a nerve-wracking moment for those who participated as they were required to answer 10 quiz questions within just 5 minutes. After a grueling period of 3 weeks, the winners are out in the open.

On 15 September 2020, Ms Vivian Chin, our Executive Director, gave away the KFC vouchers to the winners. As a memento for such fun and excitement, may we present you the winners:

After participating in maiPOP QUIZZES, not only the winners, but all those who participated, have gained more knowledge about Maica and Malaysia.

Following it, a very special video that explains the difference between Merdeka and Malaysia Day is produced to celebrate Malaysia Day.