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maiFood Contact Safety and maiTermite Resistance

At Maica, there is something that never changes. That is our hardcore belief in delivering quality maiProducts

Just as job applicants are expected to assure and convince prospective employers of their qualifications that befit the jobs with various certificates, maiProducts are likewise supported with the same that prove of their qualities and benefits that enhance performance and the overall wellbeing of users.

maiLaminate and maiCompact are suitable and recommended for interior decorative, cladding and laminating purposes. They are in fact extensively used in homes, kitchens, offices, pantries, food and beverage outlets, canteens and cafes. This makes maiFood Contact Safety relevant and crucial as food preparation and consumption are carried out on maiProducts.

Do watch the below video to understand more.

Furthermore, for the purpose of durability, and especially, for applications at areas with humid climate, maiTermite Resistance is pivotal because termites tend to attack wood-made materials that are moist. However, the risk is eliminated with a special calibrated manufacturing specification, i.e., high temperature and high pressure, for the production of maiProducts. Therefore, maiCompact panels are the preferred choice for food and beverage outlets, healthcare centres, sports-related facilities and green building projects.

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