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maiLab Chem: R&D for New Vaccines and Medications

maiLab Chem is Maica’s reputable chemical resistant grade laboratory top. It is one of the reputable brands worldwide for professional chemical laboratories.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, laboratories, where maiLab Chem belongs, should be abuzz with intense research work as researchers and scientists around the world are working tirelessly and racing to develop the vaccine.

maiLab Chem prides on 24 hours Chemical Resistance, tested for 91 chemicals, of which 49 are listed by SEFA 8 (Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association 8). It is available in Asche (Grey), Schnee (White) and Nacht (Black). In the medical field for new medications and vaccines, maiLab Chem should be able to help to push the frontier for medical field further, all because of the maiChemical Resistance and the compliance of EN 438 for remarkable physical properties. The applications of maiLab Chem are, but not confined to:

  • Research and development for new medications and vaccines

  • Test for foodstuff

  • Autopsy and post-mortem works

  • Research of new diseases and microbe species

  • Healthy diagnostics

  • Archaeological tests

  • Research of flora and fauna

  • Bio-medical research

  • Forensic science

  • Dental and oral science

maiLab Bio is another range of laboratory top manufactured and marketed by Maica. Internationally reputable for its durability, it is widely applied in laboratories in schools, learning centres, and tertiary institutions that do not deal with harsh chemicals.

maiLab Bio (Light Petal Blue)/maiLab Chem (Schnee)

maiLab Bio can be applied vertically, as cabinets (see the above storyboard, M11000 Light Petal Blue), to complement maiLab Chem, as laboratory top (M 60100 Schnee). For horizontal application, maiLab Bio, available in 15 colours, is good for optical, music, vehicle repair, mechanical, electrical, electronics laboratories and workshops as well as for sports centres.

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