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Chinese New Year 2020

The auspicious CNY 2020 was here but is now gone. Despite a shorter holiday, as the first day of CNY fell on Saturday, it was nonetheless a Chinese New Year that was worth to pen down some thoughts.

Here at Maica, we have a tradition of sharing maiProsperous Ang Pow Packets that are designed by our in-house designers with our friends, fans, customers and industry acquaintances.

For CNY 2020, we coined a “maiProsperous Red Packet Contest 2020” and announced it on social media, both Facebook and Instagram, . Participants were required to write creative captions for a ID photo we posted and shared the post with 5 friends.

Shockingly, we had 100 entries and 100 shares in the first day of posting, and the numbers increased to 182 entries and 210 shares in a week. This is unprecedented and historic! In the following week, we posted second ID and surprisingly, the response was also encouraging. In the span of 2 weeks, we were able to increase the reach of maiProducts to an approximately 1500 people via social media through this activity. At the same time, we gave away maiProsperous Red Packets to about 30 winners who sent in the best captions.

Whilst creating excitement of this sort is invigorating, we nevertheless did not forget those who are less fortunate. Especially, the kids who live in children homes. After collecting some usable items from our colleagues, we delivered them to 2 homes in Seberang Perai Selatan who are run by non governmental organisations and sustained by public donations. They are Association Y.R.J.S Handicapped Children’s Home and Shine Home Association. These 2 homes accommodate children who are physically and some, mentally challenged. We see that it takes tremendous patience, compassion, and love of social workers to look after them. We sincerely think that the kids should be blessed with some festive cheers.

Chinese New Year is never a complete celebration without reunions and food. Usually, bosses and management teams take the opportunity to express their appreciation to their staff by treating them banquets and meals. Some maimai were thankful that they were treated a 8-course dinner at the Elite House on Jelutong Expressway. Other than food, it was indeed a time where we got to know one another better, after a long year of hard work, and also a time to let our hair down, counting every blessing and reflecting on every area of improvement.

Next year, in 2021, when we reunite again for CNY, we aspire to do more than what we have achieved in 2020. Professionally, we hope to equip ourselves better for performance acceleration.