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2020 CNY: maiCSR

In conjunction with 2020 Chinese New Year, we have decided to explore some charitable homes in Seberang Perai Selatan, instead of Penang Island, for a change, to do some CSR activities. In sync with the initiatives of the State Government of Penang to shift part of its development focus to this region, so are we in search of places to do community reach-out. After a lengthy search, two NGO type of children homes have been shortlisted. They are 1) Persatuan Yee Ran Jing Sheh 怡然精舍残障儿童收留协会; 2) Shine Home 深爱残障儿童福利中心.

There is one particular reason that has drawn us to them. The kids are mostly parent-less and some are physically disabled or mentally challenged, while others, hyperactive. They are a bunch of kids who live off the kindness of public and are looked after by the workers at the homes.

As they often demand more attention than normal kids, the homes, that are self-funded or live off public donation, have to raise fund to keep the homes going. The monthly expenses could potentially go up to RM20,000 to RM30,000 a month per home for its operational expenses, rental, and the salary of workers. Each home caters to at least 30 or 40 kids, and above. Given that the needs of the homes are immense, doing whatever we could to support them is a great joy.

We, maimai, certainly wanted to bring some festive cheers and warmth to the kids, who are also a part of our community. We have managed to collect some used items from our colleagues, and distributed to them. We are pleased that our little act of kindness has put some smile on the kids' faces. Happy Chinese New Year!