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Circular Economy

A quick tour at the exhibition hall of the Asia-Pacific Urban Forum 7 unfolds a very new and interesting trend: recycling waste for exhibition use. Showcasing creative and impeccable booth designs with the application of building or booth materials that offer 'wow' factor is no longer the only order of the day.

For all we know, making use of paper cartons and boxes for exhibition use has caused a paradigm shift to how exhibition booths can become, and certainly without undermining its intended purpose to attract crowd. And, because of its unconventional presentation, such application of waste for a 'supposedly grandiose and professional event' has instead successfully drawn the attention of many at this exhibition and triggered their interest to explore ways to do the same.

Without a shadow of doubt, this is an effective way to demonstrate what 'Circular Economy' is, and what more, in an exciting way. It further transforms our thinking of how we could recycle waste grandiosely, instead of manufacturing or fabricating the new and the newer for endless consumption, and that would pose a risk to accelerate the risk of resource depletion on this mother earth.

The simplicity of UN's booth with the application of boxes as partition and feature walls, and the application of crates and pallets as stage and benches is simply amazing and impressive. It inspires those who see it to aspire to become friendlier to the natural environment we live in.

conomy. It carries no less wow factor, to be honest.