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maiSustainable Lifestyle: Green Manufacturing and Green Products

The passion of Maica goes beyond manufacturing High Pressure Decorative Laminate (HPL) and Compact Laminates. In compliance with the European Standard EN438, product quality is indisputably its primary focus. Notwithstanding, Green Manufacturing and Green Products have a very special place in the heart of Maica Laminates.

At the realisation of rapid resource depletion from the mother earth, Maica is committed to manufacture environmental-friendly products with the use of sustainable raw materials. The use of kraft papers that are made of virgin pulps from non-virgin plantations/forestry has earned Maica the Singapore Green Label for the ‘Made from Renewable/Sustainable Materials’ category.

In addition, Maica’s products (maiProducts) are certified for GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD GOLD, the proofs of low chemical emissions, such as Volatile Organic Compounds (a contributor of Sick Building Syndrome) and Formaldehyde, that warrant healthy indoor air quality.

As a matter of fact, with GREENGUARD GOLD, maiProducts have attained a higher level of compliance for chemical emissions where the maximum allowable limit is further lowered thus making them suitable for environment where there are children and elderly.

Moreover, Maica has begged MyHIJAU for most of its product range. The use of maiProducts with MyHIJAU certification allows customers to easily recognise the green materials in maiProducts, thus qualifying them as part of green projects, that allow businesses to enjoy tax benefits.

Since 2015, Maica has obtained FSC Chain of Custody (CoC) certificate with FSC TM License Code of FSC TM C126725. Maica is now able to produce FSC Mix label maiLaminate and maiCompact upon request by customers.

Maica believes that it should always do its best to obtain the necessary certifications to support maiProducts in order to assure the users that its quality claim is well substantiated. To this end, maiCustomers are assured of not just the quality, but also the green initiatives taken by Maica to promote maiSustainable Lifestyle.