Trending... May 2018

This is maimai's first Trending post, and we are starting for the month of May 2018. This upcoming May is going to be a pretty fun month, because everyone is back from the Milan Fair in Italy and inspirations are flying everywhere. So, here goes!

This season, we see the combination of red and green, two supposedly contrasting colours that has to be treated carefully. The combination will either mean that you love it, or you hate it. To add to this difficulties, there is the mixture of woodgrain designs, to bring the blossom of nature into our interior designs. Some people joke about the different shades of colours that women can call out by name, so this is where it is important!

The storyboards above show our best combination of colours that are soothing for the eyes and calming for the mind. And below is the combination codes for your reference.

1. M35100 (Mokosa) + M10102 (Maroon) + M10901 (Army Green)

2. M32102 (Impressio) + M10303 (Rosa Pink) + M10908 (Malibu Green)

3. M35201 (Moseta Ulmus) + M10101 (Amazon red) + M10904 (Olive Gold)

4. M30612 (Melmosa Walnut) + M10305 (Pelle Pink) + M01455 (Apple Green)

5. M32101 (Akasha) + M10304 (Orcha Pink) + M10910 (Muro Green)

6. M32003 (Vuoksi Betula) + M10300 (Fake Pink) + M01448 (Forest Green)

And so it goes. This is the trend for this season of beautiful living. maimai will share with you again next month.