What is: maiRadiance

What it is...

Glittering stars are out of reach, but glittering surfaces are not. maiRadiance is Maica's range of glittering panels, classy and subtle, that can be used even at the most impressive six-star hotels.


maiRadiance is available as both HPL and Compact, which means that it carries the best of both worlds.

* EN438 Part 8


* Singapore Green Label for "Made from Renewable / Sustainable Materials"

* maiAnti-Bacteria

* maiAnti-Fungi

* maiFood Contact Safety

* maiTermite Resistance (for maiRadiance made into compact panels)

* maiAnti-Scuffing (for maiRadiance made into high gloss surface finish HPL)


Both vertical and horizontal surface. The glittering effects of maiRadiance will not wear off even with regular cleaning. Suitable for classy projects, such as hotels, commercial centres, corporate offices and homes, and high traffic areas.