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What is: maiLab Bio

What It Is...

Some laboratories need not use harsh chemicals and may require more durability instead. maiLab Bio is created to cater to the needs of these users.


maiLab Bio is manufactured with a similar process as maiCompact, except that this specialised product is added with an additional film that gives it the extra durability and chemical resistance that is needed to make this product possible. The chemical resistance of this product is not as high as maiLab Chem, hence the product is advised for the use of non-chemical laboratories. However, being a product of Maica Laminates, maiLab Bio will comply with the tests standards and requirements to qualify as a Maica product.

* EN438 Part 4 (Part 3 if made into HPL)


* Singapore Green Label for "Made from Renewable / Sustainable Materials"

* maiAnti-Bacteria

* maiAnti-Fungi

* maiFood Contact Safety

* maiTermite Resistance


Non-chemical based laboratories, for example:

* Mechanical / Electrical / Electronics laboratories

* Sports laboratories

* Mechanical / Electrical / Electronics workshops

* Technical skills workshops or laboratories (such as fabrication laboratories working with wood and metal materials)

* Vehicle repair workshops

* Computer repair workshops

* Optical laboratories and workshops

* Music laboratories, workshops and studios

* Local clinics and veterinary

plus a diverse range of laboratories and workshops worldwide.


While maiLab Bio has not been tested for electrostatic behaviors, the general attribute of HPL product based on the release by the International Committee of the Decorative Laminates Industry (ICDLI) is that HPL are "like anti-static materials and therefore need not be earthed. Their surface resistance lies between 10(5) and 10(12) Ohm." However, this is dependent on various factors including the surrounding climatic conditions, colour and pigmentation.

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