What is: maiInvisible-T

What it is...

Black is a colour that has a love-hate relationship with interior designers. While black is a powerful colour that brings out the strongest characters in the simplest manner, it is also a colour that brings a lot of headache to carpenters. The most common headache is the grease and sweaty finger prints making their marks on a black colour surface.

However, all these headaches are gone with maiInvisible-T. Maica selectively uses maiInvisible-T technology solely for black colour to solve the issues for our designers, carpenters, dealers and users. In this time and age, who has time to overwork on cleaning and maintenance?


maiInvisible-T is created using a special electron-beam curing technology that requires multi-layer coating of electron beam curing resin applied to the surface decorative paper. The curing of the resin is done with a precisely controlled electron beam, causing the cross-linkage of the resin molecules to create a perfectly closed surface structure. This results in a product that is:

  • Anti-Finger Print - just wipe off with a damp cloth

  • Extremely easy to maintain - you can basically clean off grease and almost every kind of dirt marks using a damp cloth.

  • Highly resistant to water - it has to be, because most maintenance are done with water and cloth only.

  • Scuff resistance - If you encounter any scuffing, just put water on the scuffed area, cover with a piece of cloth and put a hot object on top of the cloth to perform a heat transfer process for about 30 seconds. The hot object may be an iron, or a hot pot of water. After 30 seconds, remove the hot object and the cloth from the surface and allow the water to evaporate from the surface. Once the water evaporated, the scuffing lines will not be visible anymore. Note: Scuffing force up until 4N.


Both horizontal and vertical application. Most suitable for high-traffic areas where there is frequent contact with grease and fingerprints, such as F&B, dining, pantry and kitchen areas.