What is: maiCompact

What it is...

maiCompact is commonly known as Compact board or Phenolic board. Maica's maiCompact panels are exported worldwide, besides its extensive use in local development projects. In Malaysia, the panels are usually used as toilet cubicle panels, while overseas, the panels are also used extensively as table tops, walls and lockers due to its flat panel surface.


maiCompact is produced by Maica's manufacturing facility with high temperature and high pressure using our hotpress machine, calibrated with precision to ensure that the quality of our maiCompact products meet the requirements of international certifications that we are tested for:

  • EN 438 Part 4


  • Singapore Green Label for "Made From Renewable / Sustainable Materials"

  • maiAnti-Bacteria

  • maiAnti-Fungi

  • maiFood Contact Safety

  • maiTermite Resistance


Both horizontal and vertical application. Flatness makes table tops possible. Commonly used as toilet cubicle system panels and wall cladding system panels. May also be made into lockers for sports centres use.