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What is: maiColour Core

What it is...

Modern designs may pose a challenge to traditional furniture edging, and maiColour Core is here to solve this problem. Broad edges for table tops, especially, may make it difficult to find the suitable edging to support a beautifully designed table top. maiColour Core with homogeneous core colour which is the same as the surface design colour will be able to cater to this need, complete with 4 different colours and 3 surface finishes.


The core of maiColour Core is different from the normal HPL core. It requires the use of coloured kraft paper which has a different characteristics compared to the general kraft paper, and handling is also different. The whole piece of maiColour Core uses Melamine resin, which makes it slightly less flexible than normal HPL.

maiColour Core adheres to the international standards of the industry.

  • EN438 Part 9


  • Singapore Green Label for "Made from Renewable / Sustainable Materials"

  • maiAnti-Bacteria

  • maiAnti-Fungi

  • maiFood Contact Safety

  • maiAnti-Scuffing for high gloss finish


Designer furniture tables and flat surfaces without the need for edging support.