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The most effective way to know that Maica's products are made from superior raw materials require a first-hand experience during fabrication works. However, if you do not have the advantage of direct experience with the panels and machines, how can you be sure about the quality of raw materials of the panels?

Maica makes the identification simple by using the Singapore Green Label, based on the category of "Made from Renewable / Sustainable Materials", with certificate number 035/034. The number 035 is the unit number of this category, while 034 means Maica is the 34th company to be certified under this 035 category. Maica is the only manufacturer of high pressure decorative laminates to have Singapore Green Label under this "Made from Renewable / Sustainable Materials" category.

The significance of this certificate is the assurance that Maica's products are:

  • Made from virgin pulp materials from non-virgin plantations / forestry

  • Does not contain halogenated solvents

  • Does not contain aromatic solvents

  • No heavy metal contents (Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr)

The Singapore Green Label is applicable to all Maica's products, except for maiMetal because there is no category for metal products under this certification.

Advantages of Applications:

Green building projects, industrial and commercial projects, any horizontal or vertical application, depending on products used.