maiAnti-Scuffing: Micro Solid Particles Technology

Maica's maiAnti-Scuffing is a proprietary technology developed by Maica's R&D team, especially for Maica's high gloss surface products. The technology used for this is the "micro-solid particles" technology; in molecular view, the molecules of this micro-solid particles layer is much smaller compared to the normal molecules of normal gloss surface laminate products in the market.

Scuff lines are created when there is surface tension. This surface tension is caused by the grip of the external object's molecular structure between the molecules of the laminates surface. Friction is created in the microscopic level, which results in scuff lines that can be seen with our naked eyes. Since maiAnti-Scuffing technology uses micro-solid particles, the space between the molecules has become so much smaller, to the extent that there is a certain slipperiness upon contact of an object surface to Maica's high gloss surface that refuses a friction, hence the scuffing lines cannot be created.

Advantages of Applications:

High gloss surface for vertical applications, high gloss surface for low traffic usage of horizontal applications.