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Fungi can be more dangerous than bacteria, because it is airborne from the moment it starts traveling in the air as vegetative spores. Fungi will grow on organic, moisture surface.

However, Fungi does not grow on Maica's laminates, even if our products are organic by nature. This anti-fungi property is attributed by the Silver-Ion Anti-Microbial technology and also by the process of high temperature and high pressure on our products which makes the panels truly compact and dry (no air and no moisture inside the panels), making it not conducive for fungi to grow.

Fungi elimination means minimization of chances for respiratory contact with fungi vegetative spores, and no need to worry about the emission of mycotoxin from fungi. There is also no chance for the decay of maiLaminate and maiCompact due to fungi.

Tested based on the ASTM G21 standards by an independent third-party laboratory, Maica's produts shows 99% reduction in microbial activities of these 5 representative fungi:

  • Aspergillus niger

  • Penicillium pinophilum

  • Chaetomium globosum

  • Gliocladium virens

  • Aureobasidium pullulans

Advantages of Applications:

Hospitals, clinics, laboratories, schools, healthcare centres, public facilities, furniture, kitchen, toilet cubicles and doors, sports centres, enclosed and air conditioned area.