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maiChemical Resistance for maiLab Chem

The maiChemical Resistance feature of Maica products belongs solely to maiLab Chem as it is a specialised product that requires this unique technology (please refer to maiLab Chem) for the sole purpose of usage in laboratories.

The technology employed to enable the chemical resistance feature is the electron beam curing technology. This technology has grown rapidly in recent years and showed huge potential in many applications.

There are many advantages off this technology. In terms of raw materials, the energy of the electron beam is very high, thus shortening the curing process. The high energy efficiency is advantageous to the environment because there is no solvent used in the process and low pollution is also anticipated.

The electron beam has three dimensional cross-linked structure. Therefore, it creates a non-porous surface even at a microscopic level, allowing the chemical resistance property on the product when used together with the acrylic resin for the process of creating maiLab Chem's surface.

However, more may not necessarily mean better when it comes to electron beam curing. There is a certain deterioration of the paper's mechanical strength when it goes through the electron beam irradiation. There are many other factors affecting the decline, such as the moisture and kind of paper itself, but this is an unavoidable side-effect of the process. Hence, the acrylic resin will be cured with low dose of beam to prevent the decline of paper strength.

Advantages of Applications

Chemical-based laboratories, universities adn colleges laboratories, school laboratories, vetetrinary laboratories, dental laboratories.