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The process of building a factory is never easy. Maica chose to be in Mak Mandin Industrial Estate, and was one of the first factories in the area. In fact, Maica was the first local-foreign joint-venture company in Penang back in 1968, bringing in technology mostly from Japan and Europe.

Bringing in technology from abroad is not an option. It was a necessity, even until now. Maica is the first high pressure decorative laminates manufacturer in Malaysia, producing both HPL and Compact Laminates for local and export market. There had been no such engineering available to us back then, and even today we still need to refer to foreign technology to ensure that our products are in par with other manufacturers around the globe.

When the items were brought in, the construction can begin. As the machines are huge and sophisticated, the factory is not just a huge, flat structure. The mechanics of the machines require that some parts are below ground level, and those above ground level may be almost 2 storeys high.

Through hard work and perseverance, the factory building was finally completed. However, that did not mean the immediate manufacturing of products. The new machines will need to be calibrated and tested before it can finally manufacture products that are good for use based on the standards and criteria accepted by the industry.

Thus, came the day when all were ready to go. We manufactured our first batch of production and never looked back since then. Each piece of HPL and Compact Laminates carry the DNA of sweat and blood from our founders, and we are really grateful for their hard work and persistence to make this happen. Today, Maica is not the biggest in the world, but we are one of the most blessed manufacturing company in the country. We went through many hardships flagged as global economic crisis together with our customers, and we will continue to do so for many years to come. We are grateful to all our customers who stayed on with us through thick and thin, and we hope that this relationship will continue on for as long as the Earth remains in this solar system.