Maica's Logo

There are very few older companies that have not changed their logo over the years. Logo is the identity of a company, and many companies have gone through rebranding exercises with the advance of modern economics.

We did too. Previously, our logo designs had been pretty standard, with the name of our company within an enclosure, first of an oval and then of a rectangle. In 2008, we changed.

The logo became borderless. The font became a friendly, non-invasive font with all its rounded edges and easy readability.

Why had it become colourful? Each colour represents Maica’s distinguish characteristics.

Blue – The original colour for Maica’s logo is blue. Blue is the colour of reliability, but we opt out of the traditional navy blue. We use a light blue, a colour often used by hospitals. Hence, the light blue is chosen as Maica takes up the responsibilities of providing our products for applications at different places, including hospitals and laboratories. The anti-microbial properties (anti-bacteria and anti-fungi) are possible with Silver Ion Technology, and as early as the start of the Y2K millenium we already offer anti-microbial panels to customers upon request. Late 2011, we decided to offer anti-microbial to our full range of products except for those that are not possible, such as maiMetal, and launched this idea to public in 2012. Also, besides anti-microbial properties, the panels are also constantly tested for VOC emissions under the GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD GOLD programmes, internationally accredited and acknowledge in the industry. This is our commitment.

Orange – The Orange colour is a representation of our maiLab Chem products. The orange colour is an energetic colour, and it suits well with our maiLab Chem products by being a chemical resistant product. When we talk about orange colour, vitamin C comes to mind, building resistance to our body, similarly maiLab Chem is resistant against chemicals used in professional laboratories. Similarly so for Maica Laminates, we ensure that our company is healthy as we still have a long way to go.

Yellow – Yellow is sunshine. Yellow is a bright and happy colour, which is representative of our people’s bubbly personality. Most of us are bursting with joy and energy on the inside even if we seem to be sitting down at our desks, seemingly lifeless with the laptop (haha!). Hence, you tend to see us maimai as happy people who have a cheerful outlook of life.

Magenta – maimai likes Magenta. It is not red, it is not purple. It is magenta. Magenta is a colour of passion, of loyalty. It is also the colour representing maiLaminate, our HPL range of products. maimai is passionate about HPL, and maimai is also loyal to the manufacturing of HPL products to maiCustomers. This passion is young and light hearted, which is why maimai seeks opportunities to explore. The world is huge, there are still a lot of things to learn, and maimai is passionate about learning.

Green – Finally, there is Green. Green is an ever-youthful colour. We use green to represent our maiCompact laminate range, and we are constantly finding new ways to make our maiCompact better and more applicable to everyone’s life. Similarly, maimai is constantly discovering new ways to make maimai relevant to the lives of others, for example the implementation of various maiCSR programmes to help others who need what we are able to offer.

So, the colour choices are not merely for aesthetic purposes. maimai is bursting with ideas and lots of energy, with the aspiration of making life better for everyone, every single day.